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Migration Solutions, Inc.     (

Migration Solutions, Inc. (MSI) is a professional services organization with significant experience in software applications and business procedures supporting the Intellectual Property Management (IPM) function of the Media and Entertainment industry (a.k.a. rights licensing and administration). Our organization is comprised of Information Services and Finance professionals with many years of experience in public accounting and the Film/TV industry.

W.H. Clune, Inc                 (

One of the foremost experts on entertainment industry financial software, Bill Clune is a highly experienced Information Systems executive. His recent work includes The Walt Disney Co., Summit Entertainment, MGM/UA, DIC Entertainment, Fox Entertainment (Television), BBC Worldwide Americas, Kushner-Locke, Epic Productions, LucasFilm, Ltd., Orion Pictures, and others on a variety of consulting projects. Prior to forming his consulting organization in 1992, he was Vice President of Management Information Systems for Sovereign Pictures.

Over the years he has developed an arsenal of software to assist clients in their migration efforts. This allows him to offer services that are cost effective while minimizing the risks of system implementation.

Jen Underwood’s resource list is one of the best we’ve found; she’s worked on a number of high-profile engagements:

Information Builders

                Probably the friendliest of the BI / Business Analytics toolkits.

Navia Consulting    

                Providing a variety of web production and business management services with tremendous value.


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